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The next day Lycon was riding up the Street of the Bakers in Methone, at whose end was seen the sea with the ships where he had learned the nautical expressions that had proved so useful to him with the district inspector at Athens. Though no anxiety was apparent in his bearing, his heart beat faster than usual. There was no change in the little city; it seemed as though he had never been away, he recognized every house, every wall, every stone. He was obliged to wait a moment at the laurel-tree and statue of Hermes, outside of Simonides鈥 house, ere he could control his voice sufficiently to say to Paegnion: 鈥淜nock!鈥

The following day Hipyllos returned from the race-course shortly after noon and flung himself upon a couch; but his blood was too keenly stirred for him to find immediate repose. He still saw and heard only the chariot-races. A long, long course, marble benches146 filled with passionately excited spectators, slanting rows of chariot sheds, falling barricades, horses dashing forward four abreast, clouds of dust, clapping of hands, and shouts of: 鈥淪peude, speude!鈥 (haste) and: 鈥淎risteue!鈥 (keep ahead)鈥攁ll this had gone to his head like intoxication. Gradually his excitement died away into a pleasant lassitude, and at the same time his thoughts wandered to the conjuration the day before in Sauros鈥 garden. Again he heard the priestess of Sabazius say: 鈥淵ou think of him very often, pretty maid?鈥 and recalled the bewitching movement with which the young girl had bent her head and whispered the one word: 鈥淎lways!鈥 that had almost made him betray himself in his delight. He had reached this point in his love-dream, when the door-keeper entered..
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140 Ninus shook her head.!
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鈥淲hose are they?鈥.
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At the same time Ninus raised aloft a tri-colored wax image and flung fragrant boughs upon the fire before it.
Hipyllos walked swiftly down the hill. He wanted to be the first to carry the glad tidings to Clytie.
鈥淣ot merely unclean鈥攂ut under a double ban. The victim鈥檚 and the wrath of the gods. Shall the murdered soul wander away from light and life without demanding a bloody vengeance? And the gods鈥攖o whom murder is an abomination鈥攕hall they forbear to practise righteous retribution?鈥
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